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        Building the first brand in stamping automation line

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        Rizhao Zhongxing Project Witnesses Aotto’s Super Ability
        Time:2019-07-27 Click:

        The stamping automation line project (19072), signed between Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd. And Rizhao Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd. on May 18, 2019. This project includes the following items:

        1. Robots: seven sets,

        2. Loading belt conveyor: one set,

        3. Visual belt conveyor: one set,

        4. Trolleys, two sets,

        5. Unloading belt conveyors, two sets,

        6. Safety fence, one set,

        7. Robotic tooling, two sets,

        8. Oiling machine, one sets,

        9. Hydraulic presses, five sets (these not within Aotto’s supply scope),

        10. The control for the whole line.

        The ordinary delivery time for this typical stamping automation production line is six months. Due to the customer's urge requirement, the entire project cycle was severely compressed to 23% of the normal cycle. This is a big challenger for Aotto.

        On-site Running

        With the support of Aotto’s board members and the careful management of the project manager, all related departments including Planning department, Mechanical designer, Electrical designer, Procure department, Manufacturing department, and On-site group, all worked hard together and collaborated efficiently, completed each node on schedule, thus finished the whole project within 47 days, created one amazing miracle for this kind of project, won the respect of Rizhao Zhongxing and also let peers witness the efficiency of Aotto, the quality of Aotto and the ability of Aotto.

           (On-site installation                                              On-site commissioning