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        FAW car company truck plant --- press transformation project completed
        Time:2016-05-06 Click:

             Komatsu E4D-800-500 double action press renovation project of FAW truck factory  was completed on February 15, 2007. The project adopts Japanese  Omron CJ1G PLC with DeviceNet Fieldbus interface and digital touch screen  interface, German Beckhoff fieldbus wiring terminal, Germany P + F   encoder and the electronic cam switch,and Japanese new technologies such as  mold height, pressure balancer, air cushion pressure, slider supercharger pressure automatic adjustment equipment  , it is of fault self diagnosed through the touch screen control, chain diagnosis, PLC system display, and a pop-up alarm information ; anditrealizes the antomation die-changing based on  100 sets of die parameters models.

        The following figure is the completion of the transformation of the press