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        Success Case


        Building the first brand in stamping automation line

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        ChangAn Suzuki Auto Corp -- the transformation project of stamping production li
        Time:2016-05-06 Click:

        The equipments concerned:

        1 one  single- acting 1500-ton multi link press

        2  one single actinging multi link press,

        3  4 single-acting 500 ton presses,

        4  4 single 400 -ton presses .

        The contents of the project are as follows:

        The installation  of AB touch screen,

        The installation of air pressure balancer, automatic adjustment,

        The implementations of automatic adjustment  of die height and air cushion scope  complete with of faultself- diagnosis;

        The transformation of mobile platform clamps to quick release and clamping;

        The transformation of the reliability of the unloading valve block:

         die clamping device modification to self-propelled clamping device of field bus, the bus terminal and bus valve island , realizing automatic die-changing.