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        Building the first brand in stamping automation line

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        ASS Hotline:400-6186-177
        Address:355 Huade Road, Jinan Economic Development Area
        Location: Home > News >  Company News
        • The stamping automation line project (19072) , signed between Jinan Aotto Automation Co.,Ltd. And Rizhao Zhongxing Automobile Co.,Ltd. on May 18,2019. This project includes the following items : 1. Robots : seven sets , 2. Loading beltc...
        • Golden Monkey he Suiying annual Chinese New Year party Olympic figure will panorama on 16 January 2016, Jinan aotto Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Otto shares) will be held in Jinan Shunhe international hotel. Changqing district government leaders, Mr. He Ruilin, chairman and general manager Mr. Liu Jihui Otto shares, company staff and...
        • OCTOPUZisaroboticprogrammingsoftwarecreatedbyIn-HouseSolutions.In-HouseSolutionshasbeeninvolvedintheManufacturingIndustrysince1984andithasbeenfocusedontheRoboticsindustrysince2005.OCTOPUZisbuiltonasof...
        • Otto stake in India's Ahmedabad Baosteel project successfully passed the acceptance, marking the Otto shares in towards the internationalization stepped out of the solid step. [India Baosteel Ahmad Bader factories] with outstanding technical advantages, stand out from the many competitors at home and abroad, the successful bidder in Baosteel projects in India. A...
        • October 2015 15, focus on "industrial robot complete sets of equipment and production line system integration leading enterprises, Jinan aotto Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Otto shares company) officially in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises transfer system (the new board) listing. Otto shares formerly Ji'nan auto automatic...
        • On December 14, 2015, Jinan aotto Automation Co., Ltd. in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises transfer system of limited liability company successfully held the listing ceremony. Otto shares of industrial automation solutions provider, is the industry leader in press automation. Otto shares have been identified as high-tech enterprises in Shandong province,...