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        Building the first brand in stamping automation line

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        ASS Hotline:400-6186-177
        Address:355 Huade Road, Jinan Economic Development Area
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        • July 7, 2015 morning at the third floor of the office building Qilu Industrial University fourth conference room, held in Changqing District, school enterprise integration development docking signing ceremony. Participants have the Jinan City Vice Mayor Su Shuwei, municipal departments responsible for the people, district level leadership, the Department is mainly responsible for the people, the street (town), Secretary of the Party Working Committee, in the area of the high...
        • 2015 China the punching sheet metal technology and equipment Seminar on May 20 in Guangzhou naval Hua Hai building held, the meeting focused on the hot forming and high strength steel in the automotive field application, automatic punching, high strength steel stamping equipment and numerical control and automation, such as. Miao Jinzhong, vice president of our company should be invited to do the organizers...
        • To enrich employees extracurricular life, enhance the team's cohesion, implement concept of happiness productivity, April 25, in the square successfully held "Jinan aotto Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. the first workers sports meet". The current staff games will be divided into two major parts of the game and the three person basketball game. ...
        • On 23 March 2015, Shanghai Yuan Wo auto parts company, ZF transmission system parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. experts and German specialist headquartered StefanZauner Mr. to my company to dq380 project stamping production line multi station transmission system for pre inspection, our technical vice total seedling Admiralty Mr. to the experts with...
        • BYD Company always adhere to the "technology is king, innovation for the development of the concept of the" is the domestic auto industry's leading manufacturers, production of "Tang", "Qin" series of sedan and SUV sold in many countries and regions in the world, now forward world-class automobile group stride forward. With the world's leading lithium battery technology,...
        • January 24, 2015, the snow swirling, in such a wonderful day, Jinan aotto Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. 2015 year will be held in Jinan Shunhe international hotel. The company leadership and invited guests, staff and their families gathered together, singing and laughing, to spend a wonderful evening together. This...