TQE Stainless steel JET double control pump

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  • TQE
    The TQE is a voltage stabilizing water-supply system, which is consisting of pump, motor, pressure tank, and electronic controller. It's suitable for pressurizedoclean water which not containing abrasive particles. The TQE carry the water stably when the electronic controller control the pressurization start and stop according to the variation of water pressure.
    Max Suction: 6M
    Ambient temperature: Max50°C
    Liquid temperature:+4°C~+50°C
    Relative humidity: Max.85%(RH)
    System Pressure: Max 8.5kg/cm2
    Inlet pressure: lower than pressurecontrol's starting value
    Pump Body: Stainless Steel Impeller: Brass
    Front Cover: Aluminum alloy
    Mechanical Seal Sets: Ceramic,Graphite And Rubber
    Rotor shaft: 314 stainless steel
    By using the centrifugal design of the stainless steel impeller which make the pump operate quietly.
    The TQE's pipe is constructed from the stainless steel materials which can ensure the safety of drinking water.
    Pump has built in dry-run shut off to protect the pump idling from lack of water.