RECON ST Series Single-phase A.C.Synchronous Generators

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  • Alternator
  • ST Series Single phase A.C. Synchronous generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit for lighting purpose in villages,towns,and house-hold electric appliances or standby power.

    The construction of the generators are salient-pole rotating field,self excitation with third-harmonic.
    The generator interior is made of high quality magnetic and electrical materials,and easy to maintenance.
    The characteristic of generators are as following:
    1.Insulation: class B or F
    2.Drip-proof type :IP21
    3.Tight in construction for casting frame (or steel constuction)
    4.The steady voltage regulation of generators are good in 5% speed variation,load from no-load to full-load and power factor from 0.8 to 1.0.






  • Model Rated Output Rated Current (A) Rated Voltage (V) Power Factor Rated Speed
    (kW) Series connection Parallel connection Series connection Parallel connection (r/min) 
    ST-2 2 8.7 17.4 230 115 1 1500
    ST-3 3 13 2
    ST-5 5 21.7 43.5
    ST-7.5 7.5 32.6 65.2
    ST-10 10 43.5 87
    ST-12 12 52.2 104.4
    ST-15 15 65.2 130.4
    ST-20 20 87 174